Frozen Fun

Online Frozen II Themed Dance Class

Are you all ready to dance and have fun?!?! 

Below you'll find links to the following:

  • Instructional Video Dance Class

  • Music Playlist

  • Printable Coloring Page

  • Class Outline & Mini Dance Routine

  • Fun Interactive Ways To Bring Class To Life At Home!

What You'll Need For Class!

PC or Smartphone to access the video

Portable music player, PC, or Smartphone to play music (for when you pause the video to practice)

Extras That You Might Enjoy Having For Class!

Ballet or Frozen Themed Outfit!

Space Marker such as a beach towel or construction paper (get creative!)

Props for your free dance after the video is over

Click to access the class outline for this lesson

Click to download and print a fun dance themed coloring page

Click to access the songs we used in this class

Click to see how to have fun at home with this activity!

Online Video Dance Class

Click the link below to access our Frozen Fun instructional video dance class

(Videos are approximately 15-20 minutes long each). We recommend pausing it in between the main activity, across the floor, and mini combo piece to practice each one before moving onto the next part. After the video has ended, our little ones normally finish class with a 5 minute free dance. Turn on a song that the entire family loves and enjoy some creative and free dance time together!

Happy Dancing!

As a small business owner my morale compass is centered around Christianity. I am leaning on Him during these times of uncertainty as many people rely on their faith more than ever during times of trials. 


Our first video starts with a prayer. We do not want anyone to partake in anything that would make them uncomfortable and understand some families may wish to skip the prayer. If you would like to jump right into the dance lesson, please skip forward to 2:17 in the video.


We appreciate all of our families and love each and every one of our precious students!

We  hope you enjoy the video dance class!

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